Sorry, We Don’t Believe in Paper Towels

Over the past few months, I’ve been driving Justin up a wall by replacing our household items with more sustainable ones. When I make changes, he sometimes shakes his head. Other times he smiles as he mumbles something under his breath. But most often he says he will do whatever I want to implement because… happy wife, happy life. Although these changes are aligned with our environmental, minimalist, and sustainability goals, they are often expensive and often make me hesitant because I question if they are aligned with our FIRE goals. Continue reading Sorry, We Don’t Believe in Paper Towels

My Shopping Addiction

When I was in college, I loved fashion and street style blogs. From Rumi of Fashion Toast to Aimee of Song of Style, I followed them all. I read these blogs for inspiration but with it grew an expensive desire: a yearning to one day own as many fashionable goods as the bloggers I idolized. During this period in my life, having luxury designer items was a necessity that indicated when a person had made it. If I had similar items as the bloggers I followed, it boosted my ego while mistakenly inflating my self-confidence. My obsession with fashion quickly flourished into an expensive addiction. The more I had, the more important these material goods became in my life and the more I needed in order to feel good about myself. It was endless cycle of thoughtless consumption to chase the high of self-worth. Continue reading My Shopping Addiction

I Quit Fast Fashion!

I recently saw a post on Instagram that really struck a chord with me. It was a picture of t-shirts priced at $2. Underneath, the poster wrote, “Thrift store prices have increased while Walmart prices have stayed the same. ‘Shop smart’ and purchase 6 shirts at Walmart for the price of one at a thrift store!” While I’ve seen similar posts about sales and deals people score on clothing and accessories, this one bothered me more than usual. Essentially, it makes me question what people really think “smart shopping” is and whether these beliefs and practices cost more than the dollars they are saving on a t-shirt. Continue reading I Quit Fast Fashion!

Our House is for Sale

A little over a year ago, Justin and I purchased our first house together. It’s a 100-year-old colonial on an impressive lot that we don’t take full advantage of. It has three bedrooms, but we only use one–maybe we’ll use two in the near future when Baby K transitions to his crib from the bassinet. We also have a fully finished basement that serves as a underutilized storage space and a two car detached garage for our single SUV. This house is a lot. Maybe even too much. Continue reading Our House is for Sale

Minimalism with a Baby

Spoiling children is easy. Especially first-born children. As a parent, you have an innate desire to provide your child with everything possible. From wipe warmers to fancy bouncers and strollers, it’s inevitable to want it all for your child. But where do you draw the line? Is it possible to reconcile spoiling your child with a minimalist lifestyle? Continue reading Minimalism with a Baby