Confessions of a Working Mom

When I sought out to begin Mo Money, Mo FIRE, I knew I wanted to present an honest and transparent journey to financial independence. When I discussed this post with Justin, he stressed the importance of writing about our reality which included real life struggles and successes. As young professionals with an infant son, it can be daunting to seek financial independence and retiring early. However, it is critical to remain steady and try not to allow others or outside factors deter you from your goals. Continue reading Confessions of a Working Mom

How to Create a Single and Efficient Cash Envelope

If you follow us on Instagram (@momoneymofire), you probably saw a video of our cash envelope system. Prior to our current system, we used regular mail envelopes labeled with their categories which we then clipped together in a clear zipper clutch. Overall the separate envelopes were functional, but the utility and durability of this method was limited. After switching to a single envelope, our system is sleek, sustainable, less cumbersome, and makes organizing and budgeting much easier! Continue reading How to Create a Single and Efficient Cash Envelope

Why I Choose to be a Minimalist

A few years ago, I read Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” I went through everything in our then-apartment, konmari-ed all of Justin and my clothing, and kept only the things that sparked joy. Despite my efforts, I have continued to amass stuff. Whether it be kitchen appliances, clothes, or random freebies, there is always clutter and tidying to do in our house. Justin says it is impossible to live in a home that always looks like one out of Home and Garden. Though I hate to admit that he is correct, I still strive to have less so that I have more time for my husband, son, and passions. I want to live minimally. Continue reading Why I Choose to be a Minimalist

Our Journey to Financial Independence

A few months ago, my husband, Justin, called me while he was at work and started talking about a movement called FIRE. “It stands for ‘Financial Independence and Retire Early,’ and there’s a whole sub-Reddit devoted to it,” he said and began talking about being more aggressive with our savings and retirement account contributions in addition to reducing our daily spending. I listened intently and nodded in agreement as if he was able to see me through the phone. Continue reading Our Journey to Financial Independence